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5 Must Have Saree Blouse Designs for Dames Abroad

Today’s post if for the beauties living far away from home in a foreign Western land where it is difficult to come by the right kind of saree blouse designs.
So if are you a desi dame living abroad in the UK, Europe, America, Canada or Australia or any other foreign land and the craving for wearing saree is insatiable but availability of saree with a matching blouse is the antagonist, then this blog post is just for you. Although I must say, life has become easy with globalization and the discovery of the Internet and of course all the amazing online stores bringing the goodies from back home to your doorstep. Still there is nothing like a tailor made saree blouse which fits like a glove. This, no online store can provide. That is why you, yes you, need to plan ahead of your next trip to your homeland whether it be India or Bangladesh. And if you are lucky enough to still be in your home country when reading this and is about to go abroad to the UK or Canada or any Western Country for either study or job or migrating then breeze through this blog post and get to work. Believe me you will miss wearing saree when abroad and these 5 Must Have Saree Blouse Designs for Dames Abroad will save the day so to speak. Of course, 5 saree blouse designs may seem not enough but taking into account that the list of designs is actually non-exhaustive, one needs to draw a boundary and work with an aim in mind. These 5 designs will actually come in handy. 
5 Must Have Saree Blouse Designs for Dames Abroad

No # 1 Must Have Saree Blouse Design is a Black Blouse:

Buy yourself a black Rubia Voile fabric or any premium 100% cotton voile for the most needed all-purpose blouse. Having a simple black blouse which fits perfectly is a must have for every female who loves wearing the saree.
What type of saree to wear with a black blouse?
The greatest thing about black blouses is that almost anything can be worn with it at times of need. Voile black saree blouses look great with cotton sarees, Bangladeshi Jamdani Saree, kotta saree, Katan silk sarees, etc. They can be worn with printed and on toned chiffon sarees. The only times the black cotton blouse may look a bit off is when worn with a heavily embellished saree for wedding parties. The black colour works as a base on which the saree is displayed.
What design should the black blouse be?
The no 1 must have saree blouse design is number one for a reason! The blouse needs to be very simple and basic. Generally it refers to a simple round neck or square neck style blouse with short 3.5 inches to 5 inches length sleeves. If the lady feels comfortable and has the arms to show-off, she can have her black blouse in sleeveless.  
4 black blouse for various sarees

Kareena Kapoor in pink and black saree with sleeveless blouse with V neck
Black sleeveless blouse worn by Deepika
black sleeveless blouse with peach chiffon saree

Kareena Kapoor wearing a black and gold saree with a plain short sleeved black blouse with round neck

 No # 2 Must Have Saree Blouse Design is a Gold Blouse:

A gold blouse is another must have top. Like black blouse, the gold saree blouse is also a multipurpose blouse. Just choose a shade of gold which is most common rather than going a bit rust or silverish-gold. The purpose is to make the blouse colour be in harmony with those beautiful sarees with gold zari work or plain gold border or even contrast beautifully. The gold blouse can be made of gold shimmery tissue fabric or all over gold sequin work. The latest trend in saree blouse style is the mirror work and thus, mirror embellished gold blouse is also a great option. When in a hurry, these gold blouses come in handy and is the perfect friend to glam up the look.
gorgeous Gold color blouse many new designs to choose from

Latest in saree fashion the front zipper style blouse
All purpose gold blouse with high band neck sleeveless

No # 3 Must Have Saree Blouse Design is a Off-white or White Blouse:

Like the colour black, white is also a much need colour to have in one’s closet. Off white blouse or White cotton blouses look so serene and classy. Make the neckline round or square and the sleeve as you like.
with red saree off white blouse looks great as can be seen in this pic where Shilpa is looking very traditional and beautiful

even with other color saree white or off white blouse looks good

beautiful serene white blouse designs

No # 4 Must Have Saree Blouse Design is Red Blouse:

The colour red exudes of a hint of something sexy and something bold. So as the colour should the blouse be, sexy and bold. It is mandatory to have a pure red, not tomato red or deep maroonish red, but just pure red blouse in a lady’s wardrobe. Make the red blouse have a daringly low neckline at the back or make the sleeves be halter neck. The fabric can be anything from silk to cotton.
6 different styles of must have saree blouse designs for dames living abroad

Sexy red blouse with gold boder with blue sari
Shimmery red blouse with short sleeve, front opening hook and small pom pom lace for sari

sexy photo of red saree with red blouse

No # 5 Must Have Saree Blouse Design is a Brocade Katan Blouse: 

Lastly, having a brocade katan blouse in black and gold is a must have. These blouses can be easily paired with most silk katan sarees and even plain chiffon sarees. These brocade blouses look best when the sleeve ends on the bend of the elbow. However, if black and gold is not preferred, choose any other combination which will go well with the sarees in your closet.

4 different types of brocade blouse design in black and gold color with short sleeve and sleeveless

This is the new in trend in blouse design called sheer top saree blouse 

different color brocade saree blouse

Very chic brocade sleeveless blouse with detailing

Hope this helped my ladies living int he West to plan ahead so that they can rock their saree in a foreign land.


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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

What is That Sleeve Called - Types of Sleeves for Saree Blouses

All About Different Types of Sleeves for Saree Blouses

What is That Sleeve Called - Types of Sleeves for Saree Blouses

Hi everyone, today is the 2nd of March and it is a very special month for me as it’s my birthday month and I am the happiest during this month of the year. Today’s post is not a regular blog post girls! Today I will impart a bit of knowledge and guidance on one vital element of the saree blouse which is the sleeves. We know that there are many types of sleeves but most don’t even know what each sleeve design is referred to as. Nothing to worry here, I will give you the basic idea of some of the most used or suitable sleeves for saree blouse design. There are two elements of a blouse which are visually visible and makes or breaks the entire look of the blouse, i.e. 1) the neck design of the blouse and 2) sleeves. Today we will discuss the latter. Depending on the look desired and the body type of the lady intending to wear the saree, the sleeve type must be chosen. Let’s learn all about sleeves for saree blouses without further ado. We will begin with the minimal and go to the maximum (reference to coverage) 

Blog post on various types of sleeve designs to choose from for saree blouse designs

Types of Sleeves for Saree Blouses:

No # 1 Tube Saree Blouse

The funny thing about tube style saree blouses is that they don’t have any sleeves either in strap form or regular sleeves. Yet I find it imperative to learn about this “no sleeve” sleeve as the tube top is very popular nowadays with sarees. The tube blouses are strapless and have no sleeves. There are various types of tube saree blouses. There is the regular tube blouse (see exhibit 1a) then there are tube tops which fall in the category of corsets or what is also called bustier, these usually have boning underneath to give support.
Can I wear the tube top saree blouse? – Of course you can wear it if you have killer shoulders and collar bones. To be fair this style of blouse is most suitable for women with shapely shoulders and lean arms. So if you are a bit on the heavier side it is best to avoid tube tops as it will only unnecessarily accentuate the unappealing part of your body when you can easily use the blouse to accentuate your assets instead of focusing on the parts which are unflattering.

Image of 3 different types of tube top saree blouse or strapless blouse or corset blouse

No # 2 Off-the-shoulder Sleeves for Saree Blouses:

Off-the-shoulder sleeves are one of my favourites, not only for saree blouses but also in other tops and shirts that I wear with skirts or jeans. There is a certain feminine charm about off the shoulder sleeves that is quite sweet. Usually this style is just an extension of the tube saree blouse style.
Who is most suitable for wearing the off the shoulder sleeves saree blouse: Unlike the tube top style blouse, the off the shoulder sleeves look best on women with slightly rounded shoulders which add to the charm. Avoid this if your arms are bulky or has cellulite. 

Pictures of off the shoulder style saree blouse design which looks very girly and pretty

No # 3 Strappy Saree Blouse

I suppose the strappy shoulders can be put in the category of sleeves too. Under this category of sleeves various types of strappy shoulders fall such as, amongst others 1) the spaghetti strap where the strap is literally like spaghettis, narrow, 2) then there is the flat wide shoulder straps, these can be anywhere from a quarter of an inch in width to two inches 3) the halter neckline where the two shoulder straps are secured at the nape of the neck giving lift to the bosoms and creating a very nice silhouette.
Who can wear the strappy blouse: If you have really narrow shoulders then straps will make them appear even narrower. These are best suited for slim women with slightly broad shoulder. However, broad does not mean chubby. Again, as these traps completely leave the arms exposed, it is best to be avoided by women with fat upper arms.
Quickie Tip: The flat half inch to 1 inch width straps on blouses give a very sophisticated look. 

Different styles of strappy shoulder blouse designs for saree

Sexy flat strap sequin embellished blouse on fashion runway

Flat strap sleeveless blouse with red saree

No # 4 Sleeveless Saree Blouse

Sleeveless blouses are amazing and can be worn to achieve different looks from sophisticated to studious to artistic to downright sexy. It all depends on how the sleeveless is designed and paired with the saree and accessorized.
To achieve the artsy and bookish look, you should just wear a basic black or white sleeveless which ends right where the shoulder ends and the arms begin. Not revealing shoulders. Pair this blouse with a cotton classic saree, walaa you get the artsy and bookish look. 

Kareena Kapoor looking very traditional wearing a red velvet sleeveless blouse with white saree

Classy lady in grey saree and sleeveless blouse holding a cup of tea

Picture of Deepika looking classy in black saree and sleeveless black sari blouse and her makeup is on the point

No # 5 Cap Sleeve Blouse

Cap sleeves are also referred to as the magi sleeves. These sleeves are usually an extension of the shoulders, that is, instead of attaching the sleeves from the shoulder, the shoulders elongate to create short sleeves. However, there are cap sleeves which are sewn on the shoulders as well.
Capped sleeved blouses were very popular during the 1970’s and 80’s in South East Asian Saree fashion.
Most suitable for: cap sleeve blouses are most suitable for women with rounded arms and shoulders and looks best when worn with cotton sarees. 

On the left Jacqueline in Maggie Sleeve bronze saree blouse and to the right Madhuri in Capped sleeve saree blouse

No # 6 Short Sleeve Blouse

Short sleeves comprise of anything between 3 inches of length to 7 inches. This sleeve type is the most worn length of sari blouse sleeves out there. Most working women, house wives, aunties, grandmothers and mothers tend to wear this length of sleeve on a regular basis. Most ready-made blouses also come in this length. When in doubt, women tend to opt for short sleeve blouses.
Short sleeve blouses are suitable for anyone who wears saree. 

Picture of women in short sleeve sharee blouse - Short sleeve or also called half sleeve sari blouses are the most worn sleeve length
The Diva Sridevi looking sophisticated in orange saree paired with a very pretty gold blouse with short half sleeves

No # 7 Three Quarter Sleeve Saree Blouse

Sleeves which reach the elbow to midway down the forearm comprise of three quarter sleeves. There are many benefits of wearing sari blouses with 1/3 length sleeves. Surprisingly, this length of sleeves come in handy for both bulky women and very skinny women. Women on the heavier side of the weighing scale tend to have thick upper arms and wearing three quarter sleeves aptly covers the flab on the upper arms. On the other hand ladies who are too skinny and yes there is such a thing called too skinny, both extremes need to be addressed, can also wear this sleeve to cover their bony arms.
The trick here is that in the case of overweight ladies, I always suggest having the sleeves stitched tight so that it hugs the arms and gives a nice, smooth and shapely finish and if the fabric is transparent, thin or see-through, not to give lining on the sleeves. Yes even lining can add weight to the overall look.
On the other hand, for women who are very skeletal they should wear three quarter sleeves with cotton lining to give a wholesome look to the arms. 

Image of three quarter length sleeves for sarees to look slim and smart

No # 8 Full Sleeve Saree Blouse

These saree blouses have sleeves that end at the wrist where the hands begin. They are worn by working ladies to give a professional appearance. Women wear them to maintain modesty when wearing the saree and many wear it for religious purpose. Full sleeve blouses are also worn to create a balance when the neckline is very deep or the blouse is backless.
  • Overweight women can wear this type of blouse to look slimmer. Skinny women can wear them to appear fuller.
  • Full sleeves made of fabric which are transparent or see-through look very beautiful without lining on the sleeves. 

These 4 women are rocking in full sleeve saree blouse and looking hot

No # 9 Ruffle Sleeves or Circular Flounce Sleeves on Saree Blouse

The ruffle or circular flounce sleeves are the rare breed and are generally only worn when the retro Bengali look is sought. These ruffles or flounces are usually made with three quarter sleeve blouses and worn with traditional sarees such as katan or Bangladeshi Jamdani saree or cotton saree. 

No # 10 Butterfly Sleeves

Butterfly sleeves are very feminine and gives the saree a very fresh look. Although butterfly sleeves are generally associated with western tops and dresses, they look fantastic on saree blouses too. These sarie blouses look best paired with trendy chiffon sarees.
Suits women with thin arms best. 

Bipasha Basu in butterfly sleeves which are flowy and a blend of east with west

No #  11 Puff Sleeve or Goti Sleeve

The puff sleeves which is also called the goti sleeves are very popular in the Bengali communities as well as South Indian communities. Puff sleeve blouses look best with traditional sarees like katan, benarasi saree, silks and cottons.

Puff sleeves visually adds weight to the look so best to be avoided by overweight women unless she absolutely has to wear it for any particular reason. Suits medium weight women best with the right amount of roundness to the arms. 

Various style of Puff sleeve blouse for saree 

Message from WriterKat:
I hope I was able to help my girls out and if I have missed any particular sleeve that you want my thoughts on please leave a message.

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