Thursday, August 28, 2014

Gold Sequin Saree Blouse Designs

There are three basic saree blouses that every girl should have in her closet. These blouses will save her in one of those rainy days when she does not have a matching blouse stitched and sitting in her wardrobe. These are an all purpose black saree blouse, an all purpose festive red saree blouse and lastly an all purpose party gold sequin saree blouse. With these three blouses a woman will be equipped to don on any saree regardless of whether or not she has a matching blouse.
In the 2000’s the must have gold saree blouse used to be made of gold tissue material which was a bit glittery. Now that sequins entered the markets and became widely available, an upstep from the gold tissue saree blouse is the gold sequin saree blouse. 

Most gorgeous party sarees have gold designs, gold embroidery, gold zardozi work, gold sequin work or gold zari work. It is not always possible to have ready for use stitched blouse piece for every saree in the closet. In times like that a gorgeous gold sequin saree blouse comes in handy as most sarees have gold work on it.
Gold sequin saree blouse design
Gold Sequin Saree Blouse one shoulder

Dark Gold Sequin Saree Blouse on Net 

This post has the best collection of beautiful and gorgeous photographs of gold sequin saree blouse designs.

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