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Latest Craze in the Ethnic Saree Fashion World That You Need To Know

Latest Craze in the Ethnic Saree Fashion World That You Need To Know

I have been meaning to write a blog post dedicated on the subject of today’s post for a while and the last push really came from a friend who was showing me her latest tailored blouses which she just picked up from her tailor. Seeing her beautifully tailored floral printed blouse inspired me to share the latest craze in the ethnic saree fashion world that the ladies are literally going gaga over, including myself. I personally adore floral prints, both big and small ones as I find them to be extremely feminine and beautiful. Floral prints has been incorporated in ethnic wear such as sarees and kamiz forever, but it has returned with a new zest for life in not just casual wear but also bridal wear. Many Indian designers are seen experimenting with this concept in their designer saree lines and lehengas. I’ll get to that at the end of the post and share with you my current “On my radar” designer who loves to play with the floral pattern in his creations.

  Floral Printed Sarees are a Must Have 

Floral printed sarees in soft chiffons and georgettes are indeed a must have attire for every woman who wants to stay up to date with fashion. The best thing about these ultra-feminine floral printed sarees is that they are very easy to put together as they look best when worn with a solid one toned blouse without much going on in the blouse itself. Also, if the saree is of georgette or chiffon material, they are extremely easy to wear and carry even for the ladies who are in their starting days of wearing saree and even for ethnic ladies living abroad.  

many different types of flower printed fabric to make saree with.

turquoise saree

Sohan kapoor in green chiffon saree with pink water painting like flowers

Boat neck coral pink sari blouse

For a glamorous look with flower printed saree, pair it with a sequined blouse.

wear it with a mirror embellished sleeveless blouse

plain red sari blouse

How to Best Wear Floral Printed Saree Blouse

Be a part of latest craze in the ethnic saree fashion world yourself by ordering yourself a floral printed saree blouse online or buying floral printed fabric of your own choice and having it tailor made. You can pair your flower printed blouse with any matching or contrasting coloured one tone or even shaded saree that you have sitting in your closet. There is no rule that floral blouses must be worn with any particular type of saree (talking fabric wise) and hence they look equally good when worn with a simple cotton saree as it does with a transparent chiffon saree. Even certain patterned sarees can be paired with such blouses. 
sexy sleeveless blouse with big back

Painting type flowers on sareeblouse. Perfect for black saree

sleeveless blouse with sequin border

black blouse with magenta and off white flowers

Cute Printed Saree Blouse

This blouse is absolutely adorable because of the use of the white pearl sheen material for the shoulders and the sleeves and the super cute sleeve border with the flower-patterned fabric of the bodice of the blouse. This blouse would look very girly if worn with a white saree of the same fabric as the white on the blouse or even the magenta colour from the floral prints.

white and pink saree blouse wit gold ball lace

 Red Net and Flower Print Combo in Saree Blouse:

Sharing an image of a multi coloured flower pattern blouse on off-white fabric. The shoulder part of the blouse is made of net which is see through. This can be worn with a net saree matching the net on the blouse with a simple ribbon border.

To be honest I want the dusty pink blouse with flower print as I can just imagine how pretty it will look with a matching dusty pink see through saree. The blouse below of the same print in different colour, that is, yellow also looks very pretty.

saree blouse design sample

Picture of two blouses. On top is a green floral printed blouse with shirt sleeve and on the bottom is a red flowery blouse. Both can be worn with a plain one coloured saree at any occasion

  Simple sleeveless saree blouse in offwhite and pink flowers with a turquoise saree

Even Madhuri has been seen flaunting a hot pink saree with a green flower printed sleeveless blouse

feminine and yet sexy floral blouse with criss cross back neck

The Fashion Designer on my Radar:

I have gone absolutely crazy over the beautiful feminine creations by designer Ayush Kejriwal. He has experimented with floral designs in the South East Asian ethnic wear widely including sarees, blouses, bridal wear and lehengas and each creation is more beautiful than the other. I am already married or else I would have definitely gone for one of his dreamlike floral bridal lehenga. Just have a look at all the beautiful creations by this fantastic designer. Ayush Kejriwal is a talented fashion designer who will go far if he continuously produces such beautiful creative fashion which is not too overpowering. His style is a bit eccentric sometimes and maybe that is what caught my attention.

designer creation by Ayush Kejriwal

Great combination of traditional offwhite saree with gold border with a indigo blue floral printed saree blouse

 His designer creation "Queen"

Who would have thought matching saree and blouse in the same floral print would look this sophisticated. Trust designer Ayush Kejriwal to awe us with the below creation called the Queen in his collection Chabeeli. He created this beauty of a saree and blouse to epitomise femininity and reeks of vintage fashion.

saree blouse design in floral print and sequin border

beautiful turquoise printed saree

Ayush Kejriwal has created a collection called Chabelli and here he features some investment blouses that you can come back to time and again. Below is one of his creations.

Chabelli collection floral statement blouse for saree


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