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Hi this is WriterKat

Hi, this is WriterKat (of course my pseudonym! Although most people in real life call me Kat) and among many other things, like reading and writing and thinking and drawing. I am Bangladeshi, no I am not Indian, I am from Bangladesh and the saree is as much a part of our culture as it is in India. I have started wearing the saree since I was in my early teens and have become progressively obsessed with sarees as the years passed by. However, I really started to write about sarees and especially saree blouse designs when I was looking for tips and tricks online to make a blouse for an upcoming event at that time and I was aghast to not have found any consolidated valuable info on blouse designs for sarees in one site. There were many blogs on sarees and blouses but they seemed scattered and did not seem to provide the answers to the question I had. Frustrated, I began first researching and then writing on saree blouse designs myself in a website called hubpages. I wrote several, and in fact I still write, articles called “hubs” on hubpages but there my writing is not focused on any one niche. Hubpages was my first writing forum online which I began in early 2009. Last year, i.e. 2014 I finally gathered myself enough to do what I have been meaning to do for years, yes years literally, which is to have one dedicated blog on saree blouse designs where my readers would find all relevant information and photographs on saree blouse in one website without having to waste time scouting. I wanted my readers to know all there is to know about this one of a kind garment, saree, the gown of the South East Asia, which is versatile like no other attire and has the limitless possibility to be transformed into various creative forms.     I find that sarees being one of the oldest surviving one piece garment which still has active usage in this millennium, deserves to be promoted and proper guidance needs to be shared so that all types of women can enjoy wearing saree and look their best in it. 
You can ready my writings on Hubpages at K Kiss which is my pen name at hubpages.

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